TRC - The Right Connections provides excellent quality electronic parts and accessories that are  SOLD THROUGH AUTHORIZED DEALERS ONLY.  If you experience problems with this website, please visit:


TRC began in 1988 with top-quality connectors, RCA Cables and wire that immediately found dealers all over North America who supported their quality and pricing. Over the years we have expanded our catalog to over 4,000 items which are used by many industries that require electrical connectors, wire and accessories.

Look through our catalog for the items that are of immediate interest to you.  It includes handy tabs that allow you to find the applicable section right away.  You can also browse through to see all the items TRC offers.

The PRODUCT CATALOG Tab takes you to a PDF of our products.  It is excellent for ordering when you have a varied list and don't need to see pictures of individual products.

The other sections lead you to the various catalog areas - click on each tab above to see what's included in that section (there is an alphabetical listing of contents) and to access the corresponding PDF file that contains pictures for reference.

Here is a link to a copy of our Lines List to check to see what brands we carry in addition to our own TRC products:

Let us know what you need - TRC stands ready to help you be more profitable and successful!

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